A variety of functions in one ---Freeman Series Tripod Kit

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Today we bring to you a Freeman Series Tripod Kit product what is tripod and headball combination, the type is TA-240-CT+CN1(Hereinafter referred to as 240).240 main positioning is mountaineering tourism special,tube feet is made of carbon fiber ,and with the part of high strength aluminum alloy parts.The overall weight is only1.82kg,the largest pipe diameter is 29mm,using 4 section tripod design, the maximum height of 1720mm, did not rise to axial height of 1450mm, removal of central axis minimum height is250mm, the maximum load-bearing reached 14kg.

240 kit of diffuse type is equipped with damping spherical head ball CN-1,the principle of the spherical platform is the use of torque transmission ratio to produce real-time damping friction torque to tilt the balance force generated by the weight of the camera. Although this concept explanation may be a little dizzy, but the actual operation is very simple and convenient. The main advantage of spherical head ball is also reflected in the operation is fast and convenient, compared with other platform,spherical headball camera precise regulatory or slightly worse,but considering the 240 sets of positioning, the ball head is the design of the most reasonable choice.

As shown in the above, the platform of damping to the large locking knob control, While the small knob above the rice shaped can be used for fine tuning, Handle and the damping control knob are very high sense, and provides a digital scale for reference. In contrast, the use of frequency adjustment knob is low, manual operation has certain difficulty, need to use the key or screwdriver tool.

Quick clamping sides has a bubble type level meter used, Quick mounting plate is provided with a skid proof rubber, also can reduce the wear of the bottom of the camera. The second picture under fast loading plate is also provided with a non skid nails, to prevent a slide out fast clamping.

In addition, Quick mounting plate using the international universal standards, and with other fast clamping general standard. Moreover, the  structure of fast clamping has a benefits that it can avoid the spring head plate loosening caused  the camera accidentally drop and it can also provide fixing effect more stable at the same time.

Horizontal steering of head ball has a digital dial gauge, The rear of the knob is use to Locked horizontal steering .As other knob, this position has a very comfortable damping feedback, reflects the high quality of the head.

Like most of the spherical head ball, The CN1 platform is used in irregular spherical platform design, it can realize the camera ninety degree tilt, and it can provide a locking frictional damping larger in table lock.

240 set foot pipe is adjusted by pressing manner, with high, medium, low gear range selection. This material is also adopted the anodic corrosion in the treatment of oxidation technology. But we found in the process, especially in the open pin gears, because the hand to hold down the button, it will lead to the hand can hold tube feet on the comparison position, that the arm of this position is short, so we need more efforts to open the tube feet, to a certain extent increase the complexity of the operation. Another problem is that if don't press the button when open tube feet ,the button is likely to cause friction with metal parts. As above, it may cause scratch, so we need to pay more attention to in operation.

Above is a state diagram about high state of the 240 foot.

If you need to open to the lowest point of 240s feet, you need to by following a series of actions. Operation process is not complicated, you only need about 1 minutes that can be completed In the skilled.  Next we step by step decomposition model:

The first is to hook shaft bottom( All familiar with the three foot know, this axis hook can be hung a certain weight when needed items ,for example, camera bag, in order to increase the stability of the whole three tripod, especially in some large outdoor wind, or the ground is not too smooth place wonders).Linked can be removed by simple rotation only.

The second step is to turn on the shaft and head flange plate with a knob shaft, then loosen the locked, can draw out the whole root axis.

 Finally, the platform, will be able to achieve the minimum angle shooting. At the lowest point of view state, the 240 sets of height was about 250mm.

Inverted similar steps also can realize the pan, in some low angle shot with this method than the tripod to the more convenient. Of course, this time the tripod stability requirements are more strongly(This demand is more psychological),But if you choose inverted head, head plate and fast connection will be subjected to great pressure clamp. To design the function of the manufacturers are usually on their product shave absolute confidence.
In addition, 240 sets can be reflexed,  save the operational space. Camouflage feet sleeves and with a non slip, foot tube using Velcro fixing, convenient disassembly.

In addition to the above functions, the 240 suite can also directly put one foot pipe removing, instantly become monopod. Mode of operation is very simple and direct, can remove the foot pipe parts also have clear guidelines. Since the 240 set foot tube made of carbon fiber manufacturing, so the monopod is very lightweight and durable. It is worth mentioning that, carbon fiber 240. The used is called a 8X multilayer three-dimensional braiding technology Increase the multi direction of carbon fibers, no increase in weight, carbon fiber tube longitudinal bearing force increased by 1.2 times.

At the bottom of a rubber head can also be removed, replaced with foot nail, particularly suitable for use in outdoor terrain.

The summary of evaluation
Department of diffuse TA240CT+CN-1 suit is a multifunctional and portable outdoor products three. In addition to the realization of ultra low angle open, also can be split out of a single tripod, The spherical head operation is simple and easy to use, various practical functions are in a body. Also fully considered in many details, the only shortcoming is that pressure control pin adjusting button ,In actual operation slightly. But the overall evaluation, this product still reflects the design, excellent workmanship and texture, believe in the future on the market performance will be getting better and better.