Real experienceTM-256A+CM-0

2013-02-12 17:45:14 admin 104
 Many people like to discussion the apprentice frist,and then discussion the quality. Firstly,we feel the three legs main joints are free roaming. And the damping was just right. It is very comfortable when operation with the hand. The elasticity of the adjustment sheet is very good. The ringing sound of metal will remind your angle is in the right position when you telescopic the leg to the limitation. The damping is moderate of the tubes knob lock equipemnt. The toughness is very good when rotating it . We can loosen or lock the leg by elastic operation within the rotating in 1-2 circles. It is very convenience. And the locking effect is very good. It is a sample thing for to bear 10 kilograms weight. The center column feels pretty good same as the knob lock, the damping is so good and more stronger. Be honest, it must be strong to support the gravity of the camera.

The tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180, the center column rose to the highest position at the same time,just realize the minimum length for folded the tripod. I am like it very much, obviously everyone want to take a compact and tenacity tripod to go out.

Comans electric multiple units tripod kit (TM-256A)also has an important feature that is make it into the monopod easily. According to the indicate, unscrew the leg then become a leg frame shaft, a monopod will come out when we fit on the headball. Although i dont like to use the monopod, and feel the monopod is not steadiness. Different people have different idea, the goods has muitiple uses that give the client more choice,maybe other people will like this feature very much. Because of convenience for himself.

On the whole, Comans electric multiple units tripod kit (TM-256A) use the good materrital, the function is normal, feeling is best.
The processing of the detail is very good, It reflect the comans company has put into a lot of effort to the research and the development. We will give 9 points to the comans tripod, if the full mark is 10 points. The tripod is a little heavy because of the cost and the material. Just a flaw,But one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade, it is not a problem when to use the tripod.
Here we enter into the headball sensory world. Because I am a rookie, i havent used any high-end headball, so it is my feeling for the comans headball. Wow. It is a perfect goods for me! I like it very much!