P&E 2014 in Beijing: Live coverage from Coman exhibition

2014-05-08 17:38:29 admin 121
P&E 2014 will be held in April 25th to 28th, 2014, at the national convention center in Beijing, P&E as the Asia's most prestigious photographic equipment exhibition, is one of the world's three major international imaging expositions. The Hummingbird net has dispatch 30 people to the exhibition to give you the latest news!
Coman Photo Equipment (Zhongshan) Co.Ltd was founded in 2010 which manufactures professional photographic and video products.Coman has exhibition a lot of tripods in this fair. For example, the freeman series tripod kit with the army green color. oyager Series Tripod Kit,besides, Coman has push out the hummingbird series tripod kit for the growing of the ILDC market.

The hummingbird net will set up a 72 square meter booth in T003 exhibition area, and show more fresh topic, at the same time, in independent video interview room, To be the industry leader through face-to-face interviews; In addition, the hummingbird net will also hosted the 2014 p & E week of carnival, taps machine party VS girl party, The moderator will take you  into the P&E activities etc. Welcome to hummingbird booth to experience.