TM-256A+CM-0:Users review about Comans tripod

2013-12-11 17:51:59 admin 175

Quick released plate provided with 5 particle rubber cushion, elastic and provide enough friction, Quick released plate mounting screw placed in a chute, provide space for activities, to adapt to a variety of camera base position, fully satisfied with it.

The bottom of the quick released plate have 2 anti falling pin, corresponding to the base 2 grooves, prevent the camera when you shoot vertically, fast loading plate due to gravity at both ends of the sliding locking clamp.

The bottom of the tripod, have a rubber shoes, rubber material have thick elastic, its links with the screw tripod coated with anti rust oil, adhering to tradition than pay attention to details, once again confirms the main features of the tripod perfect details. The pad may be necessary to replace metal prongs of P7 nail, in order to enhance the tripod great in soft ground stability.

The short and big tripod on the left, the small and taller tripod on the right.

Summary: coman EMU series TM-256A+CM-0 has exquisite production process, the details process is so good, parameters of normal, can meet the general photo shooting needs, it will be a popular brand if we can strengthen promotion and advertisement
Finally attached a picture about the morning scenery.