I Like EMU Series Tripod Kit Very Much

2013-09-08 10:00:29 admin 104
EMU Series Tripod Kit
Thank you for free forum and Zhongshan coman photo equipment limited company let me first on the Internet is pumped to a real prize, first. With a little of the excitement and anticipation, less than 4 days received the parcel .

immediately opened, a black packaging emerge, quiet, rich texture, very atmospheric,, is that the tripod is also very stable.

Main parameters of tripod with a glue stickers on the box , and when the sealing paste

Open the box, it is inconceivable.

Tripod package design is more unique, little and dainty, packaging, firming, coman orange logo is located in the middle of the eye-catching,The fiber fabric should be better fabrics, filling material thickness wall homogeneous, elastic, the protection of the tripod should be comprehensive, the bag but after the tripod protection of God. In particular, the zipper design novel, oblique open, semi open tripod can package, opening expansion pack, convenient three tripod import. Such humanization design, I feel very practical.

Open the bag, plastic bag with tripod rule packaging exposed by a little face, it is so good, even the plastic bags are very thick material, so attention to the details of the enterprise, must treat the product is also more sense of responsibility.
Bag of things one by one count, is very rich: tripod, wrap a strap, a tripod PTZ, instructions, manuals, warranty manual, certificate, a metal pin (smooth and shiny is very good), small inner hexagon wrench (for fast loading board, but a screw knob, is estimated to use small not  hexagon wrench), inner hexagon wrench a (used for fastening the leg extension).all of them to take a picture of it.

Now, the hero is on stage, where the applause?

The tripod is all black, surface treatment is good, matte surface with a little taste of metal, three telescopic legs have sponge foams, one has than engraved the word in English. Everytime will to bring brand experience to you , it seems that this design is very considerate towards the photographer in the north, heard that the freeze will put the nose frozen out, hey, I am in Chongqing is not like that, but if the temperatures higher than 40 degrees in summer, sweat absorbent function are also considered. Anyway, the details of material to use in the tripod is good to the photo photographer.