My Best Friend: COMAN Tripod

2014-09-08 17:27:44 admin 205
First of all, thank you for COMAN Photo Equipment (Zhongshan) Co.,Ltds trust in me, and give me such a chance to try. As a new member of XITEK, I feel greatly honored. Let's get to the point, I received the tripod which sent by COMAN three days after I were chosen as the trial user, the one I got was: EMU Series Tripod KitTM-256A+CM-0, the reason why I choose this product, first is that what I use is Olympus DSLR, it is not heavy, the lighter the better for the tripod. Second is the price, its price within the arrange. that I can accept.

I received the tripod, its package surprised me! I thought it was fish feedstuff when I picked the goods from courier company, the packing is pretty good!

The inside box can be seem after open the outside bag, the box is very cool.

The appropriative tripod backpack is very convenience to used, you can bring it with your hand or carry it with your shoulder. The key point is that the quality is amazingly good, but it is be better if it can waterproof. ^_^~

It is convenient to carry while going out with the shoulder tape inside. The texture of the plastic bag which used to wrap the tripod also really good!

The anti-slip sleeve with sponge foam , this makes it either too hard nor too soft. This is should be the headball, cackle, my first tripod ^_^. With two-way gradienter, it is really intimate and utility, I dont have to worry that the framing will be corked. The headball can be multi-direction adjusted , there is a scale for your reference when you filmed at 360. Panoramic photo depends on it.

The workmanship also good! I like its texture: matte black paint with the stainless steel screws, it full of contemporary feeling. The appearance is roughly as the above, the net weight1.73kgs is not heavy to take it out. It has 4 sections. The maximum height is 1550mm, it is enough to use by myself. It is 42cm after folded.

 For a fledglings photographer, I feel this tripod already good enough, for a person first time to contact tripod, the tripod can easily get started; For a man like photography outdoors, the tripod is very light and portable. This product give me the overall feeling is, good quality, portable, moderate cost.

The first time to take the pictures for the starry sky.